2018 Academy Show

We are delighted to confirm that our next Show “Music Makes Me Feel Good” will be taking place on Saturday 17th April & Sunday 18th March 2018 at Melton Theatre in Melton Mowbray, making this our 4th show at this theatre.

Tickets are on sale now from the theatre by following this link

All pupils of the Dance Academy are invited to participate in the Show. The performances and preparation give the children a fantastic opportunity to showcase their dancing skills, help develop teamwork, build confidence and improve performance technique. Any children who are unable to perform in the Show will be included in all the preparation and learn the dances alongside the other class members.

The dances are being developed during weekly classes; it is essential children who are participating maintain regular attendance in order to keep up with the routines.  If a child misses a number of classes it can become difficult for them to pick up any work they have missed. We do expect dancing to come first in preparation for these events, therefore if you are aware of being unable to attend classes in the months before the show please speak to Miss Kara as soon as possible. Term dates for 2017/18 are on our website to allow you to check dates.

In addition to regular class attendance, there are a number of dates that ALL performers must attend in order to participate in the show.

A full dress rehearsal will be held on Sunday 4th March 2016 from 10.00am – 6.00pm (time slots will be allocated by class through out the day and will be given nearer the time). The venue is Cotgrave Welfare.

A whole Academy finale rehearsal will take place onWednesday 14th March at 4.30pm – 6.00pm; again venue is Cotgrave Welfare. Baby Ballet pupils will not need to attend the finale rehearsal.

A technical rehearsal with full costumes, will be held on Saturday 17th March at Melton Theatre 10.30am – 2.30pm

Performance 1 will take place at Melton Theatre on Saturday 17th March at 5.30pm

Performance 2 will take place at Melton Theatre on Sunday 18th March at 2.00pm

Please speak to Miss Kara if you are unable to attend any of these dates.

All performers will have a costume(s) to purchase, and have hair dressed as instructed and wear stage makeup. The performance and rehearsals will be photographed and filmed for sale to participants and for use in future publicity.

Costume prices vary dramatically, and we will always work hard to secure the best deals and keep prices as low as possible. We anticipate that costumes will cost between £15 and £35 per pupil per dance, some classes will perform 2 dances (where subjects are combined i.e.: Ballet & Theatre Craft class = 1 Ballet dance & 1 Theatre Craft dance). Please be aware if your child is in Adult sized costume prices increase and VAT becomes payable. Details of costumes will be given when finalised.

There will be some standard extras you may be asked to purchase, the correct shoes for each class, tan or ballet tights and nude undergarments. We will let you know exactly what you need nearer the time.

To enable us to secure costumes, we ask for a £10.00 costume deposit per dance which will be added to your Term 2 class fees invoice. Most costume balances will be due around the Christmas break, if your child will be in multiple dances and you wish to spread the cost please speak to a member of a staff if you wish to do this and we will set up a payment card for you.

Regulations for protecting children performing require us to submit each performer’s details to Nottinghamshire County Council to be granted permission for them to perform in the form of a children’s performance licence or performer’s exemption. Please fill all the details on the attached for us to do this. Without this your child can not participate in the show.

We rely on the help of our performer’s families to provide assistance to the children backstage to enable these productions to happen. In line with children’s performance regulations all back stage helpers must be enhanced DBS checked or licensed chaperones. Please let us know if you hold either of these and would be willing to help backstage. We can’t do a show if we don’t have enough helpers!

On the day of the show you will be asked to drop your child at the stage door at their allocated time and collect them at the end of their session. Parents/carers are not allowed backstage unless they are registered helpers for that session.

Tickets for the production are sold directly by the venue. Tickets are on sale available only from the theatre on via their website by clicking here Our last show was a complete sell out, so please don’t miss out on getting your tickets. All persons entering the auditorium will have to purchase a ticket for the show.

We would love for every pupil to participate; dancing shows are a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Any Questions please contact us.

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