Dress Rehearsal 1st March

Dress Rehearsal

All pupils are required to attend a full dress rehearsal and photo shoot so we can check costumes and identify any issues.

You will need full costumes and hair as request for the show. Stage makeup is required. Each class is allocated a time slot to attend the rehearsal.
Please arrive and be ready to dance in costume at your class’s allocated time, please plan to be needed for approx 1 hour from your start time.

It will be very busy at the venue, please be prepared to wait outside the hall while dancers are rehearsing. You are responsible for supervising your dancers at all other times.

K2 staff will not be able to help with changing children’s costumes. This is a very busy day for all the children and staff and we ask you do not bring siblings or other family members to the venue.

The time stated is the time you need to be ready to start dancing in costume and with your hair and makeup done!

10.00am Riverdance Ireland
10.15am Preparatory Theatre Craft April Showers
10.45am Ruddington Senior Cheerleaders Bills
11.00am Cotgrave Primary Ballet Snowflakes
11.15am Ruddington Junior Cheer USA
11.30am Preparatory Ballet Bumble Bees
11.45am Beginners Ballet Under The Sea
12.00pm Primary Theatre Craft Hawaii
12.15pm Junior Tap LOVE
12.30pm Contemporary News
12.45pm Intermediate Tap Nine to Five
1.15pm Ruddington Primary Ballet Sun
1.30pm Senior Tap Celebrity
1.45pm Cotgrave Grade 1/2 Ballet Pictures
2.00pm Intermediate Theatre Craft Hurricane
2.15pm Grade 1 Theatre Craft One Short Day/ Emerald City
2.30pm Grade 4/5 Ballet Tarantella
2.45pm Musical Theatre Our House
2.55pm Introductory Tap Around The World
3.05pm Grade 1 & 2 Ballet – Ruddington Who Will Buy
3.20pm Grade 4 / 5 Theatre Craft Runaway
3.30pm Cotgrave Junior Cheer Head in The Game
3.45pm Grade 2 Theatre Craft Aladdin
4.00pm Street Dance Olympics
4.15pm Senior Acro Dance Swimming
4.30pm Cotgrave Acro Dance Something About This Night
4.45pm Adult Ballet Live Forever
5.00pm Intermediate / Advanced / Grade 5 Ballet National Dance
5.15pm Adult Tap I Predict A Riot
5.30pm Sat Junior Acro / Contemporary Jazz In The Jungle/Rainforest
5.45pm Pointe Class Blackhole

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