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Make Up
The most important thing to remember when applying stage makeup on kids is that you are only adding definition to what is already there, so they don’t look washed out under harsh stage lighting. We do not want your child to look overly made up or too grown up.

All pupils (including boys) will require a foundation base.  

For baby ballet pupils foundation and a light lip colour should be sufficient.

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For all other pupils you will need a few basic items:
Foundation, slightly darker than you skin tone.
Light grey eye shadow.
Dark pink or Light red Lip stick
Mascara and eye liner
Pink or peachy blusher
Pressed powder

Apply a hypoallergenic facial moisturizer to the child’s face about 10 minutes before using makeup.

Choose a foundation that is one or two shades darker than the child’s skin tone, and apply it evenly using a makeup sponge. Be sure to apply the foundation all the way down the neck and on and behind the ears, as well. You want the colour to be even all over.

Then use a pink or peachy blusher directly on and just under the cheekbone, starting from the bottom of the nose and sweeping in an upward motion with the blush brush to the hair line.

Use a lip colour that is a dark pink or light red lipstick. Do not use bright red lipstick as it will make the child look harsh. Blot the lips on a paper towel so that the colour does not run or smear

Apply light grey eye shadow to the child’s eye lid and under brow.

Use a dark liner to outline the top of the eye, just above the lashes and extending the line at the outer corner in an upward motion toward the temple. This will make the eye appear larger and more expressive.

Apply a dark, waterproof mascara, if you child will allow, on the top and bottom lashes, and allow the lashes to dry for a few seconds before blinking- we don’t want spiky lashes!

Brush translucent powder or a powder that is one shade lighter than the foundation over the entire face and neck, including the lips. Use a powder brush or a puff for this. The powder should keep the makeup from running under the lights.

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