All pupils, adults and children from age 3, are given the opportunity to take regular examinations through the IDTA.

Rosette Examinations
Available to pupils age between 3 & 8 years old. A series of examinations that are taken in groups of up to 8 children and lead by the teacher. The children enter with the teacher and demonstrate 2 routines they have practised in class. There are 24 Theatre Rosettes and 12 Cheerleading Rosettes available.

Pre-Juvenile Group Award & Tricks & Tumbles
These awards are available to children from age 4 and are lead by the teacher. The children enter in groups of between 4 & 8. These awards provide an excellent bridge between Rosettes and Grade examinations.

Grade Examinations
Grade Examinations can be taken from age 5 in groups of up to 3 or 4 pupils depending on the level of the exam. The pupils demonstrate set exercises and dances they have learnt in classes. Grade examinations develop the pupils skills, vocabulary of steps and performance technique on a progressive system. Pupils will only be entered for their grade examination once they have mastered the necessary technique.

Class Work Assessment
Classwork Assessments are based on the Grade exam work, showcasing selected exercises with the teacher assisting the children in the exam room. Classwork assessments provide a great alternative to full grade examinations for pupils who may be working on perfecting their technique, have additional educational needs or do not have the required level of confidence to take the full exam.

Theatre Medal Test Examinations
Juvenile, Preliminary and Bronze through to Gold Bars & Stars, pupils perform dances and amalgamations learnt in classes. Children perform individually, adults perform in groups. The routines develop in style and complexity as pupils progress through the stages.

Street, Freestyle and Cheerleading Medal Test Examinations
One dance test, through Bronze to Gold Bars & Stars, pupils enter in groups and perform routine together. Routine develop in length and complexity as the pupils progress.

For each examinations taken pupils receive an award and / or certificate, awarded at our next presentation evening.

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