Doing a ballet bun

Please see the uniform page for details of what you should wear and how hair should be dressed for your classess.  All hair styles should be sleek without fly away hair, lots of grips and hairspray please! All Ballet classes require a bun.

Doing a bun
Putting up a bun isn’t really as bad as you think! With a bit of practice, a bun can be put up in under 2 minutes (assuming your child stands still for long enough!)

It’s best to have a few practice goes with your child, and send them to their class with your best effort. That way you can see if the bun will stand the pace of a lively youngster and a dance class!

All the things that you will need for your bun can be bought from Boots, Tesco, Asda, Superdrug etc. We do have a small selection of hair accessories for those emergencies!

Please have the following to hand when putting up a “bun”
• Hair Pins (same colour as child’s hair)
• Hair grips (same colour as child’s hair)
• Hair Gel &/or Hair Mousse (Firm/Strong Hold)
• Laquer (Firm/Strong hold)
• Bobbles (to hold the hair in a pony tail)
• A good comb and a brush
• Bun or Hair nets (Sleeping nets) to match the colour of the child’s hair.
Please do not use crocheted buns nets or a bun “donught”.

Right, so now you are set, GOOD LUCK!
A bun is best put up when the hair is ready for a wash.

1.Bursh the hair so it is tangle free.
2. Using the HAIR GEL/MOUSSE make sure a generous amount is rubbed into ALL the hair. Especially around the fringe (go right up to the roots), the hair should be almost wet with mousse.
3. Using the brush or comb, comb the hair from the fringe to the back of the head and gather in one hand to form a pony tail.
4. Using the BOBBLE, twist round the pony tail to secure in place. The pony tail needs to be tight to the head where you want the centre of the bun to be.
5. Comb the ponytail to smooth it.
6. Twist the pony tail round. (Like wringing out washing). When the hair is sufficiently twisted, it will start to want to coil round on itself. At this point start to coil it around the base of the ponytail.
7. Using the HAIR PINS, secure the twisted strand in place until the bun is formed.
8. Don’t worry if there are still bits of hair poking out!
9. Using the BUN/HAIR NET place over the bun, and twist and cover the bun as many times as necessary to use the whole hair net.
10. Any stray hair can be gripped into place using the HAIR GRIPS.
11. Spray hair laquer over the whole head and leave to set.
12. Place the scrunchie over the bun (if being used) to hide the grips and to hold those last little bits of stray hair in place.
13. Well done! After your 6th attempt you will be an expert!

When coming to the show or rehearsals please bring ALL of the hair accessories as emergency hair dressing may be required!
Please ensure that your child’s hair is done before you come as it cannot be guaranteed that someone can do their hair for you.

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